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Louise, Markus and Karen established Stretchability in 2013. We aim to provide Canberra community with the opportunity to stretch regularly and keep up to date with the latest research and techniques on how to stretch safely and efficiently.‚Äč To maintain our accreditation as Stretch Therapy Teachers we attend regular workshop with Kit Laughlin & Associates. In 2016, Louise & Markus attended a Monkey Gym Workshop and Karen attended an Overcome Neck & Back Pain and Stretch Teacher Intensive Workshops. 

Kit Laughlin is a leading authority on the subject of stretching. He ran Posture & Flexibility/Stretch Therapy and Strength & Flexibility/Monkey Gym courses at the Australian National University (ANU) from 1988 to 2013. He was awarded a Master of Letters Degree by the Science Faculty by the ANU (1992) and a Postgraduate Research Degree Award (1993-1996) for PhD research. He has written two best selling books, Overcome Neck & Back Pain and Stretching & Flexibility, and numerous DVDs, videos, and many articles. Kit conducts workshops to assist individuals, train therapists, practitioners and teachers around Australia and the world. He hosts a comprehensive website, facebook page and several online discussion forums. More information can be found at