What is a Stretch Basics Class?

Stretch Basics is for people who are new to stretching or want to focus on the stretch essentials. It aims to increase awareness of your posture, identify exercises most important to improve your flexibility and feel more comfortable in your own body. An awareness of your tight muscles, means you can stretch them and prevent potential injuries from occurring. The class can be tailored to participants needs and is suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

The beginners class is 10 sequenced lessons where you learn exercises to …

  • reduce tension in neck, shoulders and symptoms of RSI
  • manage the common causes of lower back pain
  • touch your toes again
  • wake your feet up and improve your stability & balance
  • fight the stooped back & hunched shoulders
  • identify the exercises most important to reduce your aches & pain
  • reduce stiffness and improve spinal health with daily exercises


Sundays 4:30 - 5:30pm in 2018

Term 1: 11 February to 15 April
Term 2: 6 May to 8 July
Term 3: 29 July to 30 September
​Term 4: 21 October to 23 December
Fees: $150 per person