Strength & Stretch Timetable


Venue: Balcony Room, Tuggeranong Community Centre
​245 Cowlishaw St, Greenway
​New term starts in week one of every school term

Trial term: Thursday 30/03/17 to Sunday 23/04/17, 4 weeks, $60

12 week term; Fees: $180
Term 2: Tuesday 25/04/17 to Sunday 16/07/17
Term 3: Tuesday 18/07/17 to Sunday 08/10/17
Term 4: Tuesday 10/08/17 to Sunday 04/02/18 
(Christmas break 18/12/17 to 21/01/18)
There is a four week break during the Christmas summer holidays 

What is a Strength & Stretch Class?

Strength & Stretch is for people who wish to build their functional strength without compromising flexibility. The class will start with a short joint mobility sequence as a warm up and to improve body awareness.  The strength component will be based on body weight exercises and target muscle groups that have the greatest impact on improving posture. Variations will be provided for each exercise to allow people to work with good form and choose the intensity at which they wish to work. Stretching after exercise is the most efficient way to improve your flexibility. The joint mobility, strength exercises and stretches are all equally important for good posture and movement.

The term is not taught as sequenced lessons and varies greatly from week to week. Some terms may have specific a theme based on student needs or requests. The class can be tailored to participants needs and is suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.