We are not medical specialists and are unable to help you manage an acute episode of neck or back pain. If you have any concerns please consult your doctor before enrolling. Please discuss pre-existing medical conditions with us before enrolling so we can best assist you.  

A​ new five week course specifically designed for people with neck or back pain.  This will be a small group class for individuals who want to learn stretches at slower pace. This class will suit people who lack the confidence to enroll in the regular Beginners class.  This may be because they have no history of physical exercise, have a history of chronic injuries or a history of complex surgery. This course may suit some people with disabilities.  Stretch Therapy and its predecessor Posture & Flexibility have 30 years experience helping people overcome their back pain. This course is based on Kit Laughlin's bestselling book Overcome Neck and Back Pain. More information can be found at                                               The benefits of this course are that we can teach you each exercise and refine them to suit your individual needs. 

Overcome Neck & Back Pain is 5 sequenced lessons where you learn exercises to …

  • reduce tension in neck and shoulders
  • manage the common causes of lower back pain & sciatica
  • identify the exercises most important to reduce your aches & pain
  • stretch, relax and strengthen your body for long term spinal health

Overcome Neck & Back Pain

Tuesdays 5:15-6:15pm in 2017

Term 1: 21 February to 28 March
Term 2: 16 May to 20 June
Term 3: 8 August to 5 September
Term 4: 31st October to 28 December

Fees: $100