Private Individual or Group Classes

Karen and Louise are available to teach private individual and group classes.  Private classes can be tailored to suit the needs of the workplace, sporting clubs, families or individuals.  They can be at your workplace, clubhouse or home. Karen has a small space in the Woden area where she can run private classes.

Stretchability currently run private lunchtime classes for several Government Departments.  An exercise class focused on posture and flexibility will improve the health and productivity of Office Workers almost immediately.

Stretching is an undervalued component of sports training. Stretchability can run a single workshop teaching the stretches recommended by your Administrative Sporting Body. Alternately we can develop a longer stretch therapy program to target the specific issues of club members. Club members benefit from seeing which exercises work best for each other enhancing their understanding of the benefits of Stretch Therapy for their chosen physical activity.

Private sessions at home can also work really well for family groups.  Stretching is a great way for teens and adults to connect through fun and learning.

Class times and dates inevitably do not suit everyone. Occasionally individuals or groups have specific goals or needs which are better addressed in a private class. The extra attention of a private class can also assist individuals to learn the principles of stretching and identify their most important stretches more quickly.  

The stretch you need right now!