Good posture, alignment and movement will improve the quality of your life
​and allows you to stay active for longer. 

What is a Stretch Therapy Class?

It is a one hour class consisting of stretching, joint mobility and strength exercises specifically designed to increase the flexibility of adults. It draws on knowledge and techniques from many very different disciplines. Anatomy provides a strong framework for our classes and allows us to work systematically, safely and efficiently. The exercises used in the classes are constantly being modified as our understanding of the science of stretching improves.

The classes assume participants will have a pattern of strength and flexibility typical of adults who live a Western Lifestyle. Sitting in chairs for extended periods and limited daily movement mean that people experience stiffness and aches frequently which increase over time. Stretch Therapy helps you feel comfortable in your body and provides you with the tools to self-manage the aches & pains of daily life.​

The stretch you need right now!

Please discuss any medical conditions before enroling
It is your responsibility to disclose any condition you have that may compromise your capacity to participate in class. It is your responsibility to disclose any change to your circumstances regarding your ability to undertake physical activity. Many people do enroll with medical conditions but we need to know in advance so we can best assist you. If you have any doubts, please consult your doctor before enrolling.